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Bateria Adicional para Equipos Existentes ( esto no es el generador )

Nature's Power Pod - Elite is made to be used in conjunction with the Nature's Generator - Elite. It comes with an internal 100Ah Sealed Lead Acid battery that can be recharged through the solar panel input on the front of the unit. On the front of the unit we also include an LED light fuel gauge to let you know the units level of charge as well as a 12V DC outlet. The Nature's Power Pod - Elite also includes a storage compartment on the top section of the product. The fuse connector for expansion purposes is stored there. You can also store any other items inside the compartment that you may want to keep handy with your unit.

NATURE Natures generator Elite Extra Batter POWER POD

$699.00 Precio
$599.00Precio de oferta
Impuesto excluido
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