Be YOUR Pet’s Best Friend

Give your little guy his or her own personal chef. The programmable feed schedule lets you feed you cat or dog even when you aren’t home. She can sleep in without worrying if she will have to eat her food cold. Let him eat his food while it’s fresh on his time, not what works best with your work or commute schedule. The large LCD monitor is backlit, allowing for easy reading whether its day or night and displays time, meals programmed, meal sizes, and meals served. It is easy to use, and is incredibly user friendly to edit and change.

Better Than Any Gravity Petfeeder

Our Latest and Greatest MOTA Perfect Dinner Pet Feeder feeds your pet the right amount on time, every time. The smart technology in this pet-feeder allows you to program a feed schedule of up to 6 points in the day, with however much each time to ensure your pet is never hungry again. You can adjust portions for pets working on their weight, or you can schedule a snack for him or her to hold them over until you get home! In addition, we integrated a built-in microphone so that you can do voice recalls of up to 10 seconds for feeding times; your pet probably won’t even know you have been gone!

Automatic Pet Food Dispenser V2 with Voice Recall



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