Bateria recargable de hasta 180 Minutos de Poder. Multifunctional Uses: Multifunctional blue light nano hairdressing sprayer, beauty moisturizing atomizer, electric disinfection sprayer. This vapor design uses nano-atomization technology to effectively penetrate the skin 10 times, improve cell vitality, make skin healthier and look younger.Nourish The Hair: let the hair roots fully absorb and solve the hair dryness,suitable for hair coloring, hair care, and face moisturizing.Moisturizing High Quality Water: it can balance the pH value of the skin, it can not only keep the skin hydrated for a long time, but also reduce skin problems. It can also help clean the residual dirt in the pores and can activate the pores , which helps the skin absorb nano water molecules better.Use For Disinfection: As a disinfection sprayer,it can use for home,room,office,clothes disinfection.Compact And Portable: The compact body allows you to feel comfortable with the ergonomic design of the handle anywhere. Easy to carry, can be used in homes and beauty salons With 3C certification.

Atomizador Desinfectante electrico Portatil

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